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Running workflows after one another - dummy user interface tool like error message


The app I have developed has multiple Alteryx workflows calling an VBS script event at the end of the flow that executes a .vbs file that queries SAP for data. 


  1. Alteryx Analytic App User Interface Front End that calls -> OTOF Get Deliveries SAP Query .vbs file
  2. FormatDeliveriesFile in Alteryx that calls -> Get Orders SAP Query .vbs file
  3. FormatOrdersList in Alteryx that calls-> GetEmail SAP Query .vbs file
  4. FormatEmailsList in Alteryx that calls-> NeedEmails SAP Query .vbs file
  5. FormatOtherEmails in Alteryx and Send all emails in Alteryx


The first workflow is a user interface analytic app.  In order to connect all of these workflows together, I was planning to convert #2-5 to analytic apps so I could use the "On Success - Run Another Analytic App" option.  However, I need an interface element in those workflows to turn them into analytic apps. 

Is there a way to add a dummy pop up message or something with no function?  Is there a better way to connect these flows together?

Alteryx Partner

Hi @harvjul ,


You don't need anything, you can just go to the workflow configuration and click on Analytic app and done!



Another way would be to download the Crew Macros and set it up with the Runner and the conditional runner




Brilliant!  As always, making things harder for myself.  I didn't know that radio button was there!

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @harvjul 


For a bit more flexibility you can use the Runner and Conditional Runner tools in the CReW macro pack: