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Returning only only value from many


Hello everyone.  I have a set of data that has multiple lines for a resource that looks something like this (multiple unneeded columns remove; data in attached workflow as all columns.)  Basically, multiple rows per employee


Raw Data.jpg

What I Need is something that looks like this (yellow columns added from the non Primary Function data:


End Product.jpg


One row per employee with a yes or no equivalent in new columns. 


The workflow I have so far looks at each line separate and adds the information based on my formula for each line so I still get multiple lines per employee.  I need one line per employee.  If they have MSE Headcount anywhere in their non primary function, I want the designation in the new MSE Designation column.  Same for the capacity. 


Thank you for your help!



Alteryx Certified Partner

I've attached a workflow that returns the output you posted in your second workflow. Go through it and see if it makes sense. Let me know if you need more information. I used a multi-row formula and the sample tool (to find the first row for each Name)


I created this in Alteryx v11.3

Alteryx Certified Partner

The attached solution should do what you are looking to do.  Essentially, you can use the summarize tool to concatenate all of the non primary functions for a given resource.  Then use the formula tool and the contains function to determine if the non primary function is in that concatenated string.


Hope that helps!


Thank you!  A very simple solution


Thank you!  This should work.  I'll let know you know if I need more information. :-)