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Reporting Tool : Unable to align multiple Tables

7 - Meteor

Hi All,


I have 3 table and need to align each on another as per attached image

Attached workflows has created but facing issue while aligning the table, i tried to find solution for this in community but couldn't get the resolution.

12 - Quasar

Hi, @GayatriPanigrahi 


This is what you need.

Approach notes to follow in 15 minutes or so...



12 - Quasar

Hi, @GayatriPanigrahi 


Please mark as an acceptable solution + Like, if this works for you.


Solution result






Consideration logic for your tables (I will solve for the first Basic table, and you can repeat the approach for the remaining basic tables)



-You have four columns: Product, Name, Qty, and Amount

-for the first column, Product, set width = Fixed, 2 inches; Alignment (H) = Left, Borders = None

-for the remaining columns (deduced based on the image that you shared) set widths = 1 inch; Alignments (H) = Right, Borders = None

- so now you have four columns with widths 2,1,1,1 therefore set Table Width = 5 inches (see snippet below)



-To align all other tables, make sure that the first column for each of those tables matches the basic table config for the first column of the first table.

-Match subsequent basic table configs for subsequent columns to the basic table config for the subsequent columns of the first table



Configure the Layout Tools connected to the Basic Table Tools per snippet below (again based on what you already had).




Use Multi-Join versus union (because you need, in your case, the three outputs versus one amalgamated output).

Muti-join on Position per snippet below




Configure the Layout Tool that's connected to the Multi-Join tool per below (notice the three outputs!).

You can order them according to how you want them rendered (first, middle, last).




Configure the Render Tool per snippet below.



Workflow also attached here.


7 - Meteor

Hi @RobertOdera ,


That is great stuff.

I followed the instruction and column width but when i run the workflow column-A,B get merged for 2nd table and column-A,B,C get merged for 3rd table.

I am using version - 2018.4



11 - Bolide

Hi @GayatriPanigrahi 


Could you please something like the one attached. It works best for pdf.

7 - Meteor

Hi @deviseetharaman ,


You are correct It works in PDF

But the requirement is to get the same format in excel, and when i try to export in excel the columns get merged automatically

12 - Quasar

Hi, @GayatriPanigrahi 


Sorry to hear that.

Yes, I now see that the browse tool result is not replicated in the excel render (my bad!).


Kindly consider the following:

1.  run the prior workflow, but change the final Layout Tool "orientation' setting to Vertical with Section Breaks.

This will generate an Excel file with three tabs (each input source will output as a separate tab).

And then you can run a secondary regular flow to union the tabs into one sheet.


2. run this updated workflow.

It is a bit manual-messy because I seed pad columns to match the # of columns in the source with the most columns.

I used underscore pads to minimize optics (but it is still messy).

However, you can run a secondary flow on this as well (add row record ID, identify rows with headings, replace underscores with blanks).


By the way, I also wrote you a process using the Union versus Multi-Join, if you're partial to Unions.


I hope this helps and I hope the Community picks this up as I'm sure there's a proper solution here (even if we have to Macro it out!).








7 - Meteor

Hi @RobertOdera ,


You have created dummy columns to have same number of column in all tables which will result same layout but is not feasible solution in real case as i have more then 50 columns.

12 - Quasar

Sure thing, @GayatriPanigrahi 


Some gentle feedback:

1. Kindly spend a little more time providing details when you post for help.

Got it, your actual use case needs to handle a huge number of columns (and probably do that dynamically) + output per your initial posts.


2. Thanks for staying engaged and for your clarifying responses!


Okay, let's get back to it!


Solution output



Alter workflow


Everything on the left of the Reporting Tools is my brute-force approach, which should handle your requirements as I now understand them. Please pay attention to the documentation (there are few quirks that I've treated for and commented on for your convenience). Please also note the configs in the Reporting Tools (for example, I have Row Rules logic in the Basic Table).



New Alter workflow attached.

Again, it's a brute-force attempt because I'm at diminishing return, but first we make it work, and then we make it better!