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Regex for Extraction


Hi Guys,

I have huge lines of data as below and I'm looking to extract the date, the immediate number following the date and the first letter after the number (C/P), into three separate columns. Can anyone suggest on how to go with this?




E 2015-09-20 110.000 C A OPA

AAA 2013-02-15 22.500 P A OPA

BBBB 2017-04-18 52.000 C A OPA BBBBP1C181303300.U

CC 2020-07-19 195.000 C A OPA

DDDD 2011-03-15 70.000 P A OPA


can you post the sample data as text, instead of a PNG attachment?


Hi @ChrisTX , I posted it to my query above.





A RegEx explanation since @vissamsettyvivek requested -- posting to the thread in case others have a similar question:


.  -- Any Character

* -- Repeat 0 or many

     Find any character and repeat until next argument in RegEx String


\d Any digit

{4} - Exactly 4 repeating digits

{2} - Exactly 2 repeating digits

- means -

\s space

[\d\.*] -- find any digit or . and as many repeating digits or .  -- brackets mean [] any of the inside characters

\. means . since RegEx counts a . as any character you have to escape special character with a preceding /

[CP] -- find either a C or a P

() -- Capturing Group -- this tells the RegEx tool which character groups to extract into a column -- each () group goes into a separate column


You'll notice several instances of .* not in () -- you have to replicate the text using RegEx Syntax in order for it to work.  For example, the space between the date and number must be handled -- you can use \s for a space or a (.*)--wildcard   I prefer using a more specific RegEx Identifier if possible like the space to avoid unintended matching.


I use to test more complicated situations, and save time of running through a workflow, then paste it into the tool.


Happy to help, since I had a similar question answered on the community many years ago which helped me learn RegEx.







Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi, @vissamsettyvivek 


This should work:


REGEX_Replace([Field1], "^.*(\d{4}-\d{2}-\d{2}).*$", "$1")






At first look, a basic text-to-columns might be the easiest way to do this just using space as a delimiter, but could also RegEx it.


Made a quick sample that does both ways.




Thanks guys! It worked.