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R version not synced up with Alteryx server

9 - Comet

I've got an issue. We have updated an Alteryx server and Designer and I'm running into a problem with the R-tooling.


the predictive tabs (and the developer R-tool) are giving an error that the correct version is not installed. this only happens when we schedule the workflows.

when we run the workflow manually via designer (pressed the run button) the workflow completes without any issues.


the error we get is

The R-version 4.1.3 is not installed on this system


so I've taken a look at where the R is stored on the machine. and when I open up my own machine the R-4.1.3 is there with all the subfolders init (like bin, library etc.)

when I taken a look at the server machine the folder R-4.1.3 is there but i think that there are missing folders. I don't see the bin folder and the library folder.


Does this mean that there went something wrong with upgrading the Alteryx server part?


@MartWClimber , please see the documentation below.


Check out the material from our partners at The Information Lab below as well. 


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9 - Comet

Hello @AndrewSu , thx for responding.

I've looked at the post and also at the Information lab blog post but I find that where ALteryx server is installed there is no folder called bin.




on the designer part where R 4.1.3 is installed I see the following






17 - Castor

usual suggestion would be "uninstall and reinstall R" - this could be something that went wrong on the R install. 


@MartWClimber , check out the thread below and see if that helps you.


Please mark this response as the solution if this helps resolve your issue so that others in the community can benefit from our collaboration. 



9 - Comet

people sugested that I reinstall the R package. I did and ran into the same issues again.

the problem is solved.


solution to this problem was to just copy over the folder structure (in this case R-4.3.1) and all works again.

on the server this folder was missing some key programs (like r.exe) and the libraries.

I copied this over from an other machine with the same server version and it works again