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Python SDK and package importing

The newly implemented Python SDK seems very promising, or it would if I could find absolutely any documentation about it at all. Are there any good working examples or more complete documentation of using the Python SDK available? Also, how would one go about importing a third party python package (arrow or pypiwin32, for example) for use by any Python in the workflow?


There is not much documentation on it yet as the Python SDK is technically still in Beta. You'll find an example in the Laboratory Palette and the files that it relates to are in <Alteryx install directory>\bin\HTMLPlugins\PythonSDKExample




There is bare bones documentation here.  The python SDK is actually in alpha release according to the Alteryx Designer 11.5 release notes.  


Hi @ssgtspoon


There are a few additional basic examples on the Alteryx git repo:  


(not an official Alteryx answer, just sharing personal findings)

Fadi Bassil,
Manager - Sales Engineering, RoEMEA