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Present an error message pop up for a user running an App

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I have a requirement to present an error message to the user informing them that the excel file they are uploading to an SQL table is a duplicate file. 


I have figured you can use the 'message' tool in conjunction with the 'error message' tool to achieve this. I may be heading in the wrong direction here. Can anyone please guide me in the write direction by probably sharing an example of the workflow. I highly appreciate any help that can be offered.


Please see my workflow below. I don't know how to go about connecting 'message' tool to 'error message' interface tool to present the error message 'Journals file you are uploading to the database already exists' to the user running Alteryx App.


Best regards, Deepak



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Alteryx Certified Partner



I will offer you a suggestion as to how to achieve your desired results.  You would want to construct 2 applications.  The first application will check for the existence of the file in question.  If it finds the file, then you can end with an error message.  If it doesn't find the file (Success), then it will link/execute the second workflow.



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I think using Message tool is not required here. This a solution that worked for me:


1. Configure your Message tool as below (mine is stopping workflow when values between two columns don't match)



2. Run workflow as Analytic App and post file with corrupted data and there you go!