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Populate second drop-down based on previous selection

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I would like to know if there is any workaround for populating a second drop down based on previous selection without using tree GUI or chained app.
I can feed the following data from yxdb or from oracle table if required

1) If Server Dev selected then only relevant sites should be populated in the next dropdown
2) Once particular site is selected then only relevant projects should be populated in the next dropdown
3) Once particular project (Project A) selected then list box showing values (workbook A1 and workbook A2) needs to be populated.


DEVSite AProj AWorkbook A1
DEVSite AProj AWorkbook A2
DEVSite AProj A_1Workbook A_1
DEVSite AProj A_1Workbook A_2
DEVSite BProj BWorkbookB1
UATSite AProj AWorkbook A1
UATSite AProj AWorkbook A2
UATSite AProj A_1Workbook A_1
UATSite BProj BWorkbookB1


I haven't been able to get it. If someone could provide an example workflow specially without chained app/tree GUI that would be greatly appreciated. I am not sure if this can be achieved using dynamic input and passing previous selections to query where clause then connect output of dynamic input tool to next drop-down.

Appreciate your inputs here.

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17 - Castor

I actually don't think this is possible with a single app, as the values for the drop downs are determined when the app is launched, before you hit the execute button, so listbox 2 and 3 won't change their value based on what's selected in listbox 1.


Chained app is the only way I can think of to do this.

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I'll second what @DavidP said.  In these kinds of cases we tend to use tree gui tools.  Out of curiosity, why don't/can't you use a tree gui?

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20 - Arcturus

@tlarsen7572@neeleshapatil and @DavidP,


Personally, I would use a TREE.  If the issue with the tree is the need to know how to setup the tree, that can be solved as a workflow reading the option data worksheets.  The tree is dynamic in that any update to the options available could be made readily available to the application (instantly if the tree build is the first of a chained application).


Now, given the constraints I offer you a way to achieve what you want.  It is less flexible and requires a minor change to the ask.


Radio Buttons:


Radio buttons can be configured as GROUPs in the designer view.  Furthermore, they can collapse.  You can setup the options (tree) as separate radio buttons so that you can know SERVER/SITE/PROJECT/WORKBOOK.  This won't easily scale, but it is a possibility (given your dislike of trees).





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Tree GUI interface is really not intuitive when you have multiple members in your hierarchy and long list of unique values.

I thought there might be some way to populate dropdown dynamically using dynamic input .I see sometime chained app gives error when execution time of next app goes beyond 30 sec.



do you also think it’s not possible using a nested macro which will feed relevant values to next drop down based on prior selection?

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Hi @MarqueeCrew , @neeleshapatil , @DavidP 


I know this is an old post, but is there any update regarding this issue?

I'm curious if there is any solution now that it has been two years since this issue was raised.

From user-perspective, it is preferable to have all dropdowns in a single page rather than having multiple steps or pages.

As mentioned, Tree GUI is not a good solution for long list of unique values.


Thanks in advance!


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17 - Castor

Hi @owenkosnen 


This is still a restriction when building Apps. Why don't you join the discussion and have your say.

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But tree passing only keys in my stored procedure through dynamic input and not any child item. Any help. We are breaking our head for the last 1 week


 Pls attach any sample app using tree 


Any app which will handle parent and child hierarchy when any user selects parent hierarchy then child value shoudl get passed