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Nested Iterative Macro

7 - Meteor



I have been working on a dataset which has two sets of ids. I am trying to normalize their relationship. It would be super complex to explain the whole logic, however, I'll explain where exactly I am facing problem.


There are two sets of macro which I am running - outer and the inner. The inner macro consist of the main logic, the outer macro consist of - 1) checking the exit condition 2) if the exit condition is not met, it changes the data slightly and re-inputs the altered data until the exit condition is met.


Now, for 1st iteration both the macro works fine. However, when I plug in the actual data, the macro runs into infinite loop.


The ultimate output which I desire is:




Please refer to the attached files. I've followed the intuitive naming for ease.


Thanking you all in advance. Please let me know in case you need clarifications on any thing (I know I've stated things in an air level view)

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Could you better define that you mean by this 'I am trying to normalize their relationship'; I know you say its complex but it's clearly key given its the objective of the workflow!

I think if we understand this better then perhaps we can suggest alternative methods to coming to your solution.