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Moving example data to a new field


So I want to move the below data to a new field when its separated by a "." or "-". See below: 


10020 · BANK - BMO
10025 · BANK - BMO got
12000 · PETTY CASH:12010 · Petty Cash - Andrea
12000 · PETTY CASH:12012 · Petty Cash - Liz



So what it should look like is: 

Column 1       Column 2          column 3 

10020              Bank                BMO

10025              Bank                BMO got

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @JamesG2806 


Here's a dynamic solution for your parsing problem:



- Add a Record ID

- Use Tokenize Method with Regex Tool with the Formula:


Split to rows

- Use Tile Tool to create the sequence of columns

- Use Cross-Tab to divide into columns and group by Record ID.

- Data Cleansing tool to remove leading and trailing whitespaces


WF appended.




Perfect did the job thanks for that help!