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Mouse Cursor Issue

My mouse cursor keeps changing to four black outward facing arrows with a circle in the centre. I don't know how I keep doing this but I can't seem to turn it off once it's on! Anyone have any idea how to switch it back to the usual one, I can't do much after it changes and have to start a new workflow all over again. Thanks.

If it is the same problem as I encounter from time to time, then pressing space with the designer as the active window resets it.

Never quite worked out the sequence to reproduce just happens sometimes on mine.

Thanks, that worked perfectly. I have no idea how it happened either,  the first time it's happened is this morning and it happened twice.


If you simply press the space bar with the designer as the active window, this will convert your cursor to the shape you describe as long as you're holding the space bar. 


The sequence you probably followed that changed it to that shape is: hold down the space bar (creating that shape) and right click your mouse.