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Model comparison tool

7 - Meteor

Hi everyone,


I am having an inconsistent result in the workflow I have made for a linear regression. I just wanted to check the value of R^2 and I have noticed that the linear regression tool gives me a different R^2 from the model comparison tool, and I have used exactly the same data to fit and to test the model on purpose, just to check if both tools were giving me the same number. I do not understand why both tools give me a different R^2 since the data is the same. Please, find attach the workflow and dataset I am using.


Thanks in advance!Untitled.png


Hi @tutankamon


The Correlation field in the Model Comparison output is the Coefficient of Correlation, or R. Square it to get R^2.


Here's an article about it:

What is the difference between coefficient of determination, and coefficient of correlation?



7 - Meteor

Hi @JeffF,


Thank you very much for your answer. Now it does make sense.


Kind regards,