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Missing Connection Error

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I am getting the following error: "Missing Connection: 624", I have combed through the workflow and all nodes have an incoming connection. Is there anyway to identify connection 624? There should be an easy way to go right to the connection like there is when trying to find a tool/node. Can anyone provide some troubleshooting steps for this?

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I don't have a fix, but I've gotten this error before (but the connection number changes). It seems to do this once in a blue moon when I put open ended filter or select nodes in a large workflow. Deleting the nodes and re-adding them seems to usually work, but it's not an efficient solution.  I'm curious to see if anyone else has run into this issue too.

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I had the same issue come up, but it wasn't registering data coming out of a macro. Replacing the macro with the contained tools fixed the issue. Either of y'all using macros?

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We are using macros, and removing them did seem to work. We ended up deleting the additions we made to the file since the last save, and then reinstalling the nodes and that also fixed it. If we were able to identify the connection and be able to snap to it, it would have made troubleshooting much easier- Does anyone know how we could do this?

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This is the first time I am encountering this issue as well. And, for a work project!  I am about to do some trouble shooting right now.

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Has anyone had luck with diagnosing this fault? The error description "Missing connection" is inadequate for debugging as the connection number appears to be for a reference during run-time only.


The issue appears randomly for me, with the fix being to copy the macro to a new file. Ideally I would like to know whether this is an workflow corruption issue or a bug in the engine.

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I have had this issue previously when using a data cleansing tool directly before the macro output. I was able to resolve by using a select tool after the Data cleansing and before the output.

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I ended up with same solution by using a select tool after the macro to provide an interim fix.


The issue in my instance related to using dynamic columns in the macro, particular the Select and Dynamic Select tools ("select tools"). When Alteryx tries to determine the columns being passed through the macro before the workflow is run, the select tools will error if no columns are passed. Select tools after Cross-tab tools where only dynamic fields are being converted are an example of this issue .


The workaround is to use the Union tool to guarantee particular columns will be present before using the select tools. This appears to properly fix the macro and using the Select tool after the macro is no longer required.


As for a proper fix, Alteryx needs to provide more control to authors on how dynamic data is determined when processing macros.

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Adding the select tool in the macro before the output throw the error in the first place. Adding the Union before the Macro Output fixed the issue. Now i also see the META Information for the connection again.

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It works for me. Thanks