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Middle align Header

Is there anyway i can middle align the header in a report table tool? I have tried using the PCXML formula "vertical-align: middle" for the header alone and still does not seem to work. Ive tried many formulas on the header using PCXML but none of them seem to be work on the table header. Any suggestions?


HI @santosh_garimella


You can open the header macro 


open header.png


from there you can see the text tools



center text.png


You can click on them and center / change the text.  Then you can save as a new macro and insert it into your workflow in place of the standard alteryx header macro.  



Jess Silveri
Premium Support Advisor | Alteryx

Hi Jessica,


Thanks for the idea. I never knew you can edit in built tools, good to know though.


But i want to middle align header text inside a report table tool. I am able to center justify the text, but unable to middle align the header. Tried the PCXML too, but seems to work only for text and not the header content.


@santosh_garimella, give the below a try.


There is a trick you can do.  You can 'push' your header down as the first row of data using a field info, crosstab, and union.


Then, you can use a Row Rule to format that row as a header.  




To get the middle align you can write a formula.  These formulas can be written with CSS - like styling.


Example attached.


Output Preview:



Jess Silveri
Premium Support Advisor | Alteryx

So this helps but doesn't work if you want to do a GroupBy within the table. Will a future version of Alteryx allow you to format the table headers separately? I'm on 11.5 so if a future version has it already, that's fine.