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Macros not visible on toolbar


I have written a number of macros and then stored them on the same network drive and in the ‘category name’ field I have the same category for all the macros. Some of them appear in the toolbar and some don’t. Some appear for some users and some don’t. If I right click and insert/ macro it takes me to the macros directory and all the macros are there, even the ones that don’t appear on the toolbar. Any ideas what is causing this or

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I'm sure you have, but double check your "Configure Tool Palette" settings (plus icon at the right of the tool categories) and make sure those tools aren't unchecked.


Other than that, I'm stumped without being able to dig around your environment to see if there's anything unusual that stands out.



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I suggest you create a tool installer (YXI) for the macros and then install them as tools. You can control the category through the config file or the meta info of tthe macro.


Alright I have fixed it... Thanks to those who replied.


What I had to do is enter a new name in the "Root Tool Name" field which I had empty, but I had others empty too and they worked, then when I saved it BAM in the toolbar.