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Macro or Multi-Field Formula?

Hi all,

I am trying to figure out how to dynamically join two types of columns with the same column number. See below for clarification. I need this to be dynamic as the amount of column numbers change so manually joining them is not an option.


End goal is SMARcolumnId1 + columnId1, SMARcolumnId2 + columnId2, and so on...


I am pretty sure it is a simple solution, but I have been staring at this problem all week with no luck.







2 things pop into my head when looking at this problem and how you're describing it. #1, I think about a dynamic select to bring in [name] = number 3 different times.

The second, is it might be possible with a transpose to digest the name of the column a little more thoroughly.

12 - Quasar

Hi, @christopher_ontkean 


Dear, please upload your sample table data about input and output.

Hi all,

I ended up resolving this after talking to someone else. 


Since the "SMARColumnID" was constant for each row and can be correlated to each of the "ColumnID" column numbers, I ended up using a separate table with that info and the dynamic replace tool as a concatenation tool.