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Macro not updating filter list, configuration

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I am pretty sure the logic in my macro is solid, I get the results when I execute inside the macro but when I configure the macro to my input in the workflow it is not updating the filter correctly. Can someone have a look at the configuration and see if they can spot the issue.


A little more backgorund, the macro loads a stored procedure and creates a PK out of the businesskey fields, each proc has a different set of businesskeys out of which I create the PK.


I saved the businesskey (the fields I concat) to see where the issue is, the output is not the same as my input. I think the problem is with the configuration of the macro once I place it on the workflow but I don't know much about the configuration.


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Hi @Brinker 


Can you share a screenshot of the macro itself and how any action tools are configured? Are the questions updating a filter tool? 

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@Luke_C  I can't share the whole workflow because it is to big but this is and example of the part that is giving me the issue.

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The solution I came too was that needed to add a control parameter for each field I wanted to pass instead of one a macro input with multiple fields. I just reworked the workflow a bit and it worked.