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Location Optimizer vs Iterative Macros


I'm studying on macros and looking for some coaching on the difference between a Location Optimizer macro and an Iterative macro. Yes I know what the Help documentation says, but it seems like Location Optimizer is essentially a special case of an Iterative macro. Is that right? Can someone fill me in a little on the history here and why there's such a type as a Location Optimizer macro? Given that macros are very generally a way to streamline repetitive workflow segments, I'd guess that this was just such a common piece of functionality that it evolved into its own type.



Community Operations Manager
Community Operations Manager



You are correct. The Location Optimizer is a very specific type of macro and is really considered a legacy macro that we have kept in the tool as we had specific businesses ask for such a macro. The iterative macro however is a very useful and powerful macro that will allow you to set parameters to get out the result you want. Use cases for an iterative macro might be expanding trade areas until it contains a specified number of customers, Supply and Demand, or Interest rate calculations.


Hope that help,




@DanM Thank you