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Limited access to the table contents in Hive

Users are not able to execute the workflow when they are querying certain columns in table(where not all columns are given access to user).


Logs clearly shows that alteryx is initially querying all contents of the table(hence complaining that user is not having access to all contents) and was failing with credential issues.


Can alteryx is modified in a way that it can execute the Workflow with limited access to the table contents? 


Hi @kranthialla


What are you using to query the table? You tagged "In Database" in this post so I assume you are using the Connect In-DB tool. If you are querying an entire table, you can choose specific columns instead with the visual query builder or with a manually written SQL statement. Are users being denied access to the entire table because they don't have permissions to certain columns within the table? What is the specific error that you are seeing?



HI Jake,


Thanks for reaching out.


Yes, Users are denied access to certain columns in the table.


At the same time, user is granted permission to access certain columns in the table, when queried a column(where users have access to) in In-DB tool (through visual query builder) getting error.



Aug 24 15:13:28.467 ERROR 17196 Statement::SQLPrepareW: [Hortonworks][Hardy] (97) Error occurred while trying to get table schema from server. Error: [Hortonworks][Hardy] (80) Syntax or semantic analysis error thrown in server while executing query. Error message from server: Error while compiling statement: FAILED: HiveAccessControlException Permission denied: user [sparta] does not have [SELECT] privilege on [dsc60082_qlscm_tz_db/qlsc_station/*]

this error popped up when user is accessing a column named (Station) in visual query builder.


Alteryx instead of taking [dsc60082_qlscm_tz_db/qlsc_station/Station] into consideration... it is taking a wild character * at the end....[dsc60082_qlscm_tz_db/qlsc_station/*]


NOTE: User have all select permissions to columns he is querying... He can access the same columns through ambari...


Question: Can alteryx work when entire access to the schema is not given to user? ( idont have access here).....