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Iterative Macro Configuration


I am a novice with macros but understand the value they offer. I am attempting to build an iterative macro to loop through a data set that I have. I'm a visual learner (an explainer) so I will explain with some illustrations and hopefully someone can help me understand what I am doing wrong. I have also attached my file for reference. I did at one point get it to run, but only ran the even numbered rows. When I tried to fix it, I made it worse and cannot seem to get back to that point. I will outline what I've tried and what happens and hopefully someone can help me make sense of it!


My data set is structured with a column for block group ID and then values for each of those ID's. I want to determine the top 5 values for each block group ID and have a final output of those top categories for each BG. I will have other data sets that I would like to run so I thought the iterative macro made sense.


Data.PNGSample Data Set


















I pull this data into the module, join the BG spatial objects and then add a record before it heads into the macro.


module.PNGData Module

When I run the module, I get the error: "Tool #10: Parse Error at char(1): Unknown variable "RecordID"". I know that the data that is going into the macro has RecordID included- both what's coming through the module and the file input that I used (see below).


input.PNGMacro Input Data

I've even gone so far as to add the RecordID tool into the macro and unselect the duplicate field. However, I get an error stating: "Tool #22: The Crosstab was set up for a Numeric field type and a String field was found.". I tried changing the BG value to a numeric value and that does not work. I cannot change the Name value to numeric as it's truly a string. I've tried re-configuring the interface properties to see if that would make a difference and it did not.


So aside from all of the weird things happening that I cannot seem to resolve, I also do not know if I've even set this up correctly to run in the first place. Any help would be so greatly appreciated!!


Hi there,


I think you are really close! It just looks like you are misusing the outputs slightly-- the macro output coming out of your first filter in the 'false' node should actually indicate what's looping. When I switched the F and the L output tools it worked for me without error (although I was using the same yxdb you provided to test the macro-- ideally you would want to use different data to test the macro than the data you used to build it).





Thank you!! That seems to have worked perfectly and I will be sure to also try it with the additional data sets.


Hi @kara_mills


While I can understand the value of using macros when required, in your particular case, you can get the same answer in a simple workflow.  


Non-Macro solution.png

If you need to reuse this in several workflows, convert it to a standard macro.  The additional complexity of using an iterative macro isn't required in this case.





This is awesome as well- and why I love Alteryx! I too had tried to get the multi-tools to work but had some issues but am thrilled that you showed that solution. That's absolutely the simplified way to do it. Thank you!!