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I'm getting zero's for some reason.  I'll keep plugging.  Thank you for helping. 

Thank you @NicoleJohnson  for your valuable post, now if we have the opposite case, let's say there is (GPS OFF) and back again on, how can we find the missing coordinates e.g.: (missing n points) and display it again on the map from the data when the GPS off? 
I don't have data but if possible can you simulate it from the original data available in this post?





So you lat/lon would have gaps in it? That's essentially what my data set looked like but instead of dropping in NULLs the software I was using simply used the last good GPS point.


So if you use a multi-line tool and say something like


if isNull([this lat]) then [this lat: -1] else [this lat] endif


so you would fill in the gaps with the last known good GPS point. From there the above solution should work for you.