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Interactive Chart keeps losing individual layer settings

8 - Asteroid

I'm playing around with the interactive chart tool and can't seem to understand how it works. I've selected the transform option to split my data and now have the ability to individually change each point. When I change the setting of one, it changes, but if I change another point, it'll revert the previous one back to the original. Here's a gif showing the problem: I've changed the symbol of the 25%ile to a line, but when I change the 75%ile to a square, it'll reset the 25%ile back to a circle. Am I using this wrong?


Hello @Alekh 

I would recommend starting with some of the supporting information for the interactive chart.

Below are a few links to help you out!
Interactive Chart Help Doc

Interactive Chart Tool Mastery

Creating Interactive Charts- Interactive Lesson


Community Moderator
6 - Meteoroid

I am also having many issues with the interactive Charts and not saving settings for layer styles.. It is very frustrating

Those links do not address anything about how when you alter the color or the width for one layer, then go to another layer and make another alteration, it switches the first layer back to the default.