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Insert data from output into existing excel template



I have built a workflow where I have joined and transformed some data from Source 1 and Source 2. I have gotten the output information I need from this. Source 3 is a highly customized excel file. My next step is to literally just drop the information in my output from Source 1 and 2 into certain rows/columns in the Source 3 file. It's not necessarily a join as there is nothing in Source 3. I just want to take the data from one place and put it into specific rows/columns of another excel file.


Is there a tool that can do this?

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

How complex an output is your template? Is it essentially defining the correct position for the fields? Or is there additional work here?



It's just defining the position of the fields. For example, I would want the data in column 1 of the output file to be entered into the excel template starting at B:2. Then column 2 from the output file needs to be entered into the excel template starting at D:2. So it isn't a continuous range (A:2 through D:2) that I need the data dumped into. I would need to specify which column from the output file I want to go into which column in the excel template.

Was there a resolution to this request? I have a similar issue. I have multiple data sources that I have joined and filtered to provide the required info but I need to move multiple columns from the join file into specific columns within an existing template.