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How to start a workflow depending on an external event

8 - Asteroid


is it possible possible to run a workflow based on an external event such as :

- a file is copied into a directory

- data is inserted by another tool into a relational database table (this flag indicates that all data has been loaded and so the workflow should start asap)


14 - Magnetar

Hi @olivierMPW, for the file you can use this tool here ( For the data I don't know a tool that does that, but you could build a workflow that keeps querying the database through an iterative macro for instance. You could insert something like the wait a sec (Crew macro) to delay the next iteration. 

8 - Asteroid

thanks for the answer

so it means this workflow will continuously run on the server .

Isn't there an impact on global performance ?

14 - Magnetar

It will impact on the queue. If your server is set to run two jobs concurrently, you will have one slot constantly being used by that job. 

6 - Meteoroid

I think it depends on how quickly the event has to trigger the job from the customer's point of view. Could the job be run hourly to see if the file or DB has been updated? An hourly quick hit would keep that resource clear for use by other jobs. If that's an acceptable interval for the end customer, I'd be inclined to look in that direction.