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How to send alteryx workflow output file thorugh mail


I have output xlsx file which contain many sheet out of which one sheet will contain 2 column First column contain list of mail recipient whom we have to keep in To and second column contain list of mail recipient whom we have to keep in CC.


Along with that one sheet of same excel output file which contain body part of that mail which is in table format which has certain rows and column data.


Could you please let me know how we can achieve it.

@dyadav2  It only takes two tools.  Instead of using an Excel file, I just made a Text Input (which could easily be swapped out for an Excel Input).

If your fields aren't named the same, that's not a problem either - you can rename them or realign them in the Email reporting tool.


My alteryx workflow output is in xls format and has size more than 10 MB thus unable to share that alteryx output file by using email reporting tool.



Could you please help me if I can zip that alteryx output xls file and share over mail by using email reporting tool. 

@dyadav2  See there is an option on the Email tool for Attachment?  You'd just put the file name and path there.

If you need the file to be compressed prior to being attached, you can do that using the Run Command tool.

Your specific case will require you to go over the tool settings and adapt as needed given your file and SMTP gateway requirements.

Check out this series:



could you please share the an dummy  workflow which is compressing the file before sharing over amil