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How to merge unique values from multiple fields into one field

8 - Asteroid

Sure - Feel free to submit it to Weekly Challenge, @Chiu. Would be great to see what kind of approaches others will take as well.


I see.. So does that means the multi-row stream works fine if there is no instance with one entry? in the real task that I am working on, they are around 5-150 entries each...

16 - Nebula

Thank you for the permission. Btw, would it be possible to enlighten me what is the significance of you doing this formatting?

To some target Database requirement?


Just ran a quick test, it will still works.




8 - Asteroid

This format is used as an input source for the Tree Interface to generate the Tree structure.. 

Normally, Tile Tool works well in doing this but when it comes to large data structure with more than 3-4 levels, Tile Tool has its limitation. With that said, I attempted to do the structuring and reference key assignment manually to allow more flexibility on how I want it to be structured...


Many many thanks for helping me out with this @Qiu !


Note: I actually found an article that is tackling similar issue, but unfortunately the author does not provide the sample app for me to look into... just screenshots..