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How do I get a list of all named ranges from an Excel workbook in 2018.2?

6 - Meteoroid

Looking to see if anyone has figured out how to get a list of all named ranges like you can get and import the list of all sheet names?



12 - Quasar

Hi, this could be achieved by Inputting the excel file as zip file. Then open the workflow.xml inside:



7 - Meteor

I have used the solution presented across many files (using the xl/workbook.xml) to find named ranges in Excel files. I just ran into an .XLSM (I've successfully used this approach on XLSMs prior to this) where instead of getting a return of the named ranges, I get a list of sheet names instead (from xl/wookbook.xml). I'd really appreciate some help here. Any idea why I'm getting back sheet names (useless to me) instead of named ranges? I cannot attach the source file as it's confidential.