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Help needed: Network Analysis

7 - Meteor

Hi all, 


I'm rather new to the network analysis tool in Alteryx. I have the attached file of artists that are linked to each other and their popularity score as weight. 


For some reason I won't get the function to work and it keeps showing the 'error in graph data frame'.


Any suggestions? I've attached the source file.





17 - Castor
17 - Castor

A couple of problems here.


Firstly your node list should be unique. You had the same value repeated over many lines due to how you bought in your data.


Secondly, your node list did not capture all the nodes in the network. You simply took your from column and relabelled it name. This would work fine if every value in the to column was also in the from column. This isn't the case in your instance.


In order to overcome this you should take your from field, relabel this name. Then as a seperate stream, take your to field and label it name, then union these two streams together and perform the uppercase, and then the unique.


Example attached now works for me.


7 - Meteor

Thanks, this works! 🙂

5 - Atom

I'm also pretty new to Alteryx, Can you help me understand how to create and analyse organizational network graphs, and what should be the format of data file