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Formatting number with commas and decimals

8 - Asteroid

But this makes the numbers as strings right? Then can it still be calculated as numbers when exported to excel?

12 - Quasar

How could we do the reverse of this? From String to Number with the same formatting?

5 - Atom

AL-t-E-ry-X - I can see with the Browse tool that my table(s) are formatting these correctly, with the 2 decimal places and automatically placing the commas.  But, then when I try to use the Summarize tool and output to an Excel file, the number fields again are unformatted when I open the Excel file.

7 - Meteor

Doing any further calcs to the numbers will cause them to revert back to being unformatted. I would try the summarize and then but the values into the table tool. 

You'd then need to use a render tool to output the formatted numbers into an excel doc.