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Filter for string values that are UPPER CASE


I am looking for a way to filter for values that are UPPER CASE.  The goal is to identify and record where we imported the name of a county in UPPER CASE, vs. Proper Case.  An example is BUTLER vs Butler.  As I need to apply this to 2+ million records and there are 3,000+ counties, identifying each instance is not an option.  While I could cleanse the data, I want to only write in the records that need to be updated and not all records (via SQL script), so the challenge to identify the 'cleansed' records or filter for all UPPER CASE.  Thank you in advance for your help.



Try this formula in your filter tool:


REGEX_Match([Field1], Uppercase([Field1]),0)


Normally, most of the formulas default to case insensitive, I believe, but by using the REGEX formula, you can use that 3rd parameter in the formula to make it case sensitive, so your results should split up correctly by whether or not [Field1] is all uppercase. Hope that helps!




Thank you!  This worked perfectly.