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File Copying and Moving

9 - Comet

If you want to move or copy files without using cmd or powershell solutions you can now install this tool made with the Python SDK.




You can choose to keep the filenames the same but you can also rename them at the same time. It's a yxi package you can download and install from my Github site.


Happy moving!

5 - Atom

Thank you, this is such a wonderful tool @bobpeers. It works perfectly! I was wondering instead of moving/copying specific files, can we move all the files in a folder? Can this be done with a wildcard?

6 - Meteoroid

@JMart2135 & @psyberbrain Did you ever get an answer to whether or not this will work on Alteryx Server?

5 - Atom


I am trying to move files from one folder to another, however it is not allowing me to select file path from configurations. Can you please help me with that?


6 - Meteoroid

No, unfortunately not.
ended up running my own batch command.

also did work with python commands from the python tool

5 - Atom

Hello Bob, 


firstly this tool ist really excellent, but i have one question regards length of path. I've done a lot of tests, if my path has more than 260 characters, the tool failed to copy files. As long as it's smaller than 259 or equals to 259 it works fine. Is this known to you? or i've been totally wrong.




12 - Quasar



Because in default os api, the 260 character path length limit exist in windows, so if you must need the long path/name to use, you need modify the  Registry value of python in your PC(only for win10 above).

NTFS(Window的文件系统)中的内置限制为路径/文件名最长260个字符, 所以这并不是Macro本身的问题, 如果您确实需要,请修改对应的长路径支持注册表键值来实现(仅win10和以上版本系统).

5 - Atom

Oh, okay, understood, thank you very much! 

5 - Atom

@psyberbrain I'm sorry, I'm new to python/batch commands. Were you able to make anything work on the server?

6 - Meteoroid

Does this work to move a file from SFTP to shared drive? I have tried the below and it is not working. Text Input Tool to File-Copy-Move Tool. 

Directory: s

Destination: I:\Folder1\Downloads\

This did not work. No file copied over.

8 - Asteroid

@brperkins2 I'd try a UNC path first, rather than your I: drive path....something like \\Computer Name\Users\your name...etc.

Also, is this on your local machine directory, or or you using on a load to your server? If the latter, might have drive mapping permissions issues on the server that would need to be dealt with.