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Field name size

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Is there a max limit for the size of field names? I'm trying to read in a file which has field names at ~1000 characters and thousands of fields (eg a large survey where the entire text of the survey question is the field name).  When using the input tool to read into alteryx it truncates the field names to ~255 characters.  Is there any way to ensure the full length of the column name is read in?  I have adjusted the field length, but it doesn't seem to effect the field name / column header.





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Alteryx Certified Partner



It does look like there is a limit (likely 254/255).  Do you really want a long field name or would having a translation table Q1 = "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious".




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I think that's the route I'll go down.  My original thought was to get things into alteryx first and then transform down to just the useful portions of the field names.  The questions are similar enough that this is possible.  But I can make the translation table work just as well.