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Extract Lineage and Metadata

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I'm new to Alteryx and so far really liked the tool. One thing which either i'm not aware of or Alteryx doesn't have, is the feature to extract Lineage and Metadata.

Let me explain what i mean with a simple scenario, i'm lifting and shifting 2 tables (TABA and TABB) from a RDBMS to HDFS. Can Alteryx provide us an extract in XML, CSV or other format which shows the Source and Target table mapping with Column names and data types. My end goal is to load these details to any metadata management tool.


In real world it will be more than lift and shift, most users will run aggregations, join data with other sources. So this feature will be really useful from data management perspective.






Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team



Technically Alteryx is not a data management software, so just pushing data from one source to another is not it's primary use. Alteryx pulls the data in and creates temp tables which allows you to manipulate the data without affecting the original and then pushes it to the new source. In most cases this is inefficient for data transfer due to the large amount of data and memory usage needed. You maybe able to do some sort of SQL query to bring in your meta data into Alteryx and push it to the other source or you can use the Field Info tool to see the meta data, but that information is what Alteryx is translating your meta data to so that Alteryx can read it properly.



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Hi Jeet,


I think I was just looking for a similar kind of output.  eg. data source, transformations, etc.


Some/all of this is included inside the XML file that the workflow is made of, so it should be extractable, but I'm not sure if any macro/app extracts that specifically.  Will report back here if I find anything.

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