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Export to excel without headers (NOT using dynamic rename take first row as headers)


Quick question:


Is it possible to output without headers to excel?


I can use the dynarmic rename tool to make the first line of data headers but if there are duplicates the values become 1_2, 1_3, and any nulls become Field_1, field_2.  Since the outputs are integers this makes the entire thing useless.



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @JOliver251


I know it may not be the optimal solution, but have you tried the Browse tool - Copy All Records without Headers?




I guess there can't be repeated field names in Alteryx, so I'm not so sure if you'll be able to work around that.




You could always read in the headers from your template file and union the headers to your data. Then export to Excel since the headers are now correct.


Is there a reason that you don't want to output as a CSV?  Excel can read CSV's natively so that should accomplish what you need if there isn't another way.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
I'd just write to excel and manually delete the row.
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I need to drop output values from my workflow into specific cells in a P&L format in excel (updating an existing worksheet with other data in it). At the moment I either get unwanted headers above the data or a first row of data with issues with nulls or duplicate values. I would like to achieve it without manual intervention. Will upload an example tomorrow

Seeing an example will definitely help!

Two quick thoughts which spring to mind based on your description:

If you have a template file an only need certain cells populated, could you create a "data" sheet on run and point to that via excel formulas in your template file?

If you can install the 2010 32-bit Access driver, you could use the legacy xls driver which can sometimes work. This driver's output options include "delete data & append" which might do what you need.  If it doesn't, this driver also has Pre Create and Post Create "Sql statements", which you might be able to play with to try programmatically deleting the header row.  Unfortunately I don't have that driver installed, so I can't test this option.