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Error installing OneDrive Tools in Alteryx Designer

7 - Meteor

I am currently trying to install the OneDrive Tools in my Alteryx Designer version 2018.3 and am receiving the following error. 


"An error occurred during installation of the python tool retrying (retry(total=4 , connect=none, read=non, redirect=none)) after connection broken by 'NewConnectionError(':Failed to establish a new connection: [Errno 11001] getaddrinfo failed',)':/simple/pip/"


I tried the following solution with no success:. Has anyone run into this issue and come up with a solution?


1. Create a file called AlteryxDesigner.cmd with following content:


subst T: %TEMP%
set TEMP=T:
subst T: /D


2. Run AlteryxDesigner.cmd and, when Designer is started, open the YXI file and install it.


Hi @Shelton_Thompson


Do you have a proxy configured in your environment? Can you access via a browser? This is where the installer is grabbing the python packages from, and the error is indicating that it is failing to establish a connection. One file you can look at to see if it gives you more information is the PythonDependecyInstall.log that will exist wherever the tool is being installed (either C:\ProgramData\Alteryx\Tools\ or C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Alteryx\Tools). The directory for the tool you are installing will be removed once you click to exit the error message in Designer, so make sure that you leave the error message up while you go look for PythonDependecyInstall.log.




Jake Samuels

Technical Product Manager
Alteryx, Inc.