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Dynamically Creating Fields (Months) per Interation Question

7 - Meteor

I am struggling to dynamically create a field per month of analysis via an iteration macro.  


It appears that the append field tool will only recreate the same field over and over (see attached)


Ideally I would like to be able to do a month over month analysis with a variable set of months.


Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated




Can you please clarify your question? Are you trying to create multiple fields based on months. Ex: You want to have July, August, September as field names if you are choosing a start date as July and End date as September?


The reason you are getting the same field over and over is because you only have a starting date. When it runs the iteration a second time, it already sees the column name because the month is not changing. It needs another date to act as a stopping date. 

7 - Meteor






Thanks for taking the time to help me, 


I try change the month in the formula tool but it does not appear to work,


See snapshot above






16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

@AnnArborThom Good talking to you on the phone! I agree with you that you were on the right track. I've attached what I quickly created to create a new column per iteration.


Note that I also had to change the macro's properties in the interface designer to auto configure by position. Then it outputs a column for each number starting at 0 and ending at my hardcoded 15.


Hope that helps!

7 - Meteor

Patrick Thank!!!~!