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Dynamic Field type




Is there a way to set all the fields as V_String ?

I will be using this in a batch Macro and the field names will change for each data set.

I know doing this will cause Alteryx to allocate more memory,but i am working on  data comparison workflow and will need to compare the field.

When Alteryx is setting the field type automatically, field type is having mismatch causing the formula tool to through error.


Eg: In data set 1 Field "ABC" might be set as V_String,but in data set 2 Field "ABC" is being set as Double as the entire column is empty.I want both these fields to be set as V-String.and in each run this can change.So i want a dynamic option. Basically to set all the fields being passed to the Macro as V_string




Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Strangely enough this is something you can do easily with the multi-field formula tool.

Choose 'all types of' in the menu and check every field including the dybamic/unknown fields option.

Uncheck the option which says rename and add prefix.

Check the option to change the date type and set it to v_string.

Set the formula statement to be [_currentfield_].

Alternatively, you could wrap any values you use in your formula in a tostring() which then means, If the field comes through as a text or double, it will always be treated as a string within that specific formula.


You can use a Multi-Field tool to amend the type of all columns to be string:


By default the tool will create NEW_ columns so make sure you untick that.


The expression 



Will convert all types to string. 


Tiny sample attached


Thanks you both. Didn't knew it was this easy to do.