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Downloading Excel File from a URL and using the data

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I created below workflow to download data from a website. Can I use the same workflow to read the file and use that data? 


Thank you.

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Hey @msve 


You absolutely can!! This is one of my favourite tricks in Alteryx.


You can save the file as a temp file and then read it back in using dynamic input.


I've attached the example

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Awesome. Thank you so much.

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Hi, If I change the URL to mine, isn't it supposed to work?



I got this error when I do it:



I'm trying to download this file:


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I am having a similar issue, but I guess the issue is due to it being an Xlsx file that I am downloading.


Maybe it only works with CSV files. Did you find a workaround?

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Hi, Hope this helps anyone wanting to download Excel files from a URL.


The file below allows for XLSX files, XLS files and CSV files to be downloaded (a different technique for each).


CSV method is the one LordNeilLord suggested.

XLS method uses the link luisangelico provided

XLSX method uses a link I was struggling with (Note if seeing the example on this bear in mind it will take 2 minutes to run as a massive file size)


Hope this helps some people wandering to the page and if it does, please give me a like. I have been racking my brain for the last Week and eventually found a solution 🙂



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this worked!! Awesome job, SHoughton! 

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Hi, when i tried to run this workflow which saves a file to the local - this is not erroring when i run it in alteryx server

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I appreciate this so much that I reset my password, and fought w/ password requirements for 5 minutes, and still came back to log in and find this and upvote it! Thanks!!