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Download Tableau workbook with REST API

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HI all, I want to download a workbook from our tableau server with the rest API. I think I got the API part to work, but I can't seem to figure out how I can write the workbook to a directory


This is what I do to frame GET call


[server] + "/api/2.6/sites/" + [site_id] + "/workbooks/"+ [workbook_id]+ "/content" + " > M:\"


It gives me an error 404003- Resource Not Found


I am creating these REST API endpoints through Alteryx and goal is to automate tableau content migration process from one environment to another. Also is it possible to download multiple workbook at a time into local directory and upload those multiple workbook again to new server? I think these REST API end points allowing for single download/upload. Please let me know your suggestions. Thanks

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team



Here is a link to some information on the error you are getting from Tableau from the Tableau Community. Also as just an FYI, Alteryx is not meant to be a tool to move data from one area to another. While this is possible, it is not efficient as Alteryx creates temp files to pull the data into Alteryx and then write it out. This is why you are able to bring in data to Alteryx, manipulate the data and write it out without effecting the original dataset. So technically you are moving the data two times instead of once.



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If there is anything more that you can share here, that would be great.  I am stuck trying to download a Tableau workbook using the Tableau Rest API in Alteryx.  


I can connect, Authenticate, get a list of workbooks, but when I actually try and download the workbook, I just get XML about the workbook properties, not the actual twb or twbx file.

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Did you solve this issue? I'm interested in performing a similar function.