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DateTimeDiff result in decimal years?




I'm using a formula to calculate the number of years between dates - what I want is the number of years to hundredths of a year.  This would be like using a YEARFRAC function in Excel.


Current formula: DateTimeDiff(DateTimeToday(), [Seniority Date], "years")


For [Seniority Date]  = 2001-08-20, the formula returns 16; I need it to return 16.24.


I tried using the following with no luck:


Round(DateTimeDiff(DateTimeToday(), [Seniority Date], "years"), .01)


EDIT: I thought about using days instead of years and dividing by 365 - that doesn't account for leap years, and the dates span decades.


I ended up dividing the number of days by 365.25 rather than 365, which gets me to the correct number of years to the hundredth of a year (which is what I needed for this). 


Still, the ability to calculate decimal years from DateTimeDiff would be helpful!