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Connecting raw data from CSV files

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Hi Alteryx, 

I am working on a project and I need some help. So, I downloaded raw data from yahoo finance, and I want to make comparisons of the top ten cryptocurrencies from the last year. I was able to input all of the data, but now I do not know how to connect it so I can analyze them all together and make comparisons. What should I do first?

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Hi @wwhiston 


Can you provide some more information on what analysis you're looking to do, and if possible provide the data or workflow you've started? 


One initial thought is if the files have the same schema you could use a wildcard input to load all the data into one table rather than separately. That would make it easy to get all the data in one table for further analysis.

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So, the data is directly from Yahoo Finance of the top ten cryptocurrencies currently. The columns are date, open, high, low, close, adj close and volume. They all have separate files. I am very new with alteryx, but this is what I have so far. 

Thanks for the help! @Luke_C

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Hi @wwhiston 


The first thing you can do is read-in all the csv files together in one input tool. Assuming they're all in the same folder (and no non-related csv files are present) you can do something like this by putting *.csv in the input tool. It will look for any csv files in that folder and input them all together (assuming the columns are the same). You'll also want to input the file name as a column so you can differentiate the data for the different cryptos





I know you're just learning Alteryx, but just to demonstrate a little more advanced capability of the tool, you could remove the need to even download the csv files, and just use the download tool!


I attached a workflow that does the following:


Container 1:

  1. Creates the yahoo finance download URL based on a list of cryptocurrency tickers
  2. downloads the data
  3. parses it into one table using the text to columns tools, dynamic rename, data cleansing, etc

Container 2:

  1. I calculated the daily % change based on the open/close prices
  2. Then sorted and chose the first and last 10 records
  3. combined (unioned) those sets to show the biggest swings in any one token's price





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13 - Pulsar

Hi @wwhiston alteryx doesn't include data inputs when you save a workflow. In order to include them, you need to 'export workflow' and then this will create a .yxzp which includes the data.  




If all the files have the same structure (same columns in the same order), and are saved in the same folder then you can use a wildcard input like @Luke_C suggested to input all these files at once. To do this replace the filename with '*' in the data input. I'd also recommend changing option 4 to output the filename as a field. This will union all the data into one big table, with the filename as a single column letting you know which file each row of data came from.



Hope that helps, 




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Thank you so much!!