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Connecting Alteryx to Smartsheet using token



I've an ODBC connection for Smartsheet live data connector that works well with Excel or Tableau software. For both i need to use a token because of "single sign on" in my company.

When i drag an input data tool into the canvas, then connect to "other database"/"ODBC" and then choose the existing Smartsheet DSN and click "ok" , i've got the following message


Connection Error :

Error [28000] Missing connection string parameter(s)

Error [IM006] [Microsoft][GEstionnaire de pilotes ODBC] Fail SQLSetConnectAttr of pilot

Error [28000] Missing connection string parameter(s)


What am I doing wrong here?



Have you already installed the smartsheet odbc connector?


Once you have, add the connection using your token. In alteryx go to Input Data/Other Databases/ODBC. Select the data source you created using the smartsheet connector. Enter your email as the username & the API token as your password. 


This works fine for me on my computer, but I haven't been able to figure out getting the same to work in the Gallery. 


Hope this helps!


Also, the default syntax in Alteryx errors out for smart sheets specifically. You need to go to the SQL tab & update the syntax to remove your email address & the period in the FROM part of the statement: 


Select * From Email.sheetname

Should be:
Select * From "Sheet name"


thanks, that worked well. I was close but it was not really intuitive.

Have you every tried to write back to Smartsheet with Alteryx? I'm trying at the moment to see if i can make it work to close the loop.



Smartsheet documentation states it's read only. 


How do you get the API Token?

you need to go to your smartsheet acount settings, there's an API menu where you'll be able to generate tokens


@Cheinold I have the same issue of not getting the workflow to run on the server. Have you found a solution?