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ConnectNamePipe: The pipe is being closed


I upgraded to 2018.1 today.  No other changes to my PC.  Now I'm getting the ConnectNamedPipe:  Error in ConnectNamedPipe The Pipe is being closed.  I read that it could be security related, but I can't do anything to change policy and did not have the problem with the previous version.  Wondering if anyone has fixed this.  McAfee said Alteryx should submit to be whitelisted on their software package.


Any help is greatly appreciated


Same issue.


I have done every suggested fix in the forms as far as I can see .. Other that revert back to a pre ver 11 installation.


I need the fix ASAP as it is on all our sessions and its having a impact on our business.


“Start: ConnectNamedPipe” Errors that occur when attempting to run the very beginning are in my experience due to security software like McAfee ATP (active threat protection).  Keep in mind Alteryx is a "Load & Go" type of high level programming language that when you press "play" it runs a series of programs and snippets to transform your GUI workflow into a machine language executable form.  These newer types of protection software, even when in "Observe" mode, will intercept and analyze all that activity to score it as a risk or not.  This can at times cause delays in the interconnected events, thus ConnectNamedPipe error, basically a thread between 2 or more activities time out.


Another error we saw frequently before sorting this out is "Root Element Missing".  this usually occurs when you open a flow and click on an input or dynamic input that has SQL.  The issue here is the delay we are experiencing cause the initial DB query to get Table info failed, probably for timeout, and so you get a Root Element Missing error.


Be aware that errors “DataWrap2_ConnectNamedPipe after 11000 milliseconds” are a different issue, this seems to be a connectivity timeout, to NAS storage or some other data appliance.


The idea of a white list is to identify programs, files and or folders to exclude from the security program's process.  


The attached pics are what we implemented with success for both Admin and non-Admin installs



Update on the call. .. Resolved.


The issue was with the "mcafee active threat protection".


Once the feature was disabled Alteryx was back to full operation.


It was just the one feature in Mcfee and did not even register that Alteryx as a thread. It just somehow caused the Alteryx issue.


Thank you for the responses and assistance from Alteryx



Alteryx Certified Partner



Experiencing the same problem. Just got a new DELL that has McAfee pre-installed. 

I looked for how to whitelist something in McAfee but couldn't find any useful information on the steps I would need to take or if it is even possible with a personal version (some indications that it is not).


For now, switching off real-time scanning (see screen shot) works, but that isn't really a sustainable solution. I will probably look for a different programme to replace McAfee but if anyone does have instructions on where and how to change the settings it would be appreciated. 


Thank you, Naledi.

I too have a Dell with (desktop) McAfee installed, and the only thing that works consistently to fix the named pipe error is to turn off the Real-time scanning.

Even though I specify "never" for when it should resume, the real time scanning does seem to resume on its own (perhaps with updates?).

At least I now know what to do, so the fix is easy.  Very frustrating error!  I'll be looking for a McAfee replacement as well!

There is always a way. Different software and different versions may use different nomenclature, exclude instead of white list. I found it easy to google how to. But maybe u have different version.

All.  I had this same issue when I upgraded from 2018.2 to 2018.4.  It is definitely McAfee for me but there is no way to exclude the Alteryx program in their continuous scan.  So, the solution ended up being uninstalling McAfee, running their repair tool, and reinstalling.  That seemed to work.  I hope this helps, and I hope McAfee gets it fixed on their end.