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Combine multiple GZIP csv files

7 - Meteor

Having what seems like a hard time with what seems like a simple issue – combining multiple text files of the same structure into a single file (no headers).  

The twist is these are GZIP csv files (csv.gz) which is leading to issues.  I’ve tried the two main approaches from the community but not having luck with either one.  Below are the details of the two approaches thus far. I can also combine individual file inputs with a union, but this approach is not scalable. 

Simpler is better and I would prefer to do without macros or coding, but any assistance is appreciated.


Input Data tool with wildcard*

Input tool works fine with a single gzip file, but inserting a wildcard in the filename to pull all files from a single folder is not working.  I assume this is due to the gz filetype somehow but don’t know if there is a workaround.  For a single file it’s easy to select CSV filetype from the ‘file in archive’ but with a wildcard in the filename this setting will not 'stick', for lack of a better term




Directory + Dynamic Input tool

This method works to bring data in but it appears to be duplicating the ‘input data source template’, which is worse.  Hopefully this is can be solved with a different configuration of the settings. 




Workflow is attached but not able to upload source data due to size.

6 - Meteoroid

@apqueen thanks for posting this. I'm also having problems combining multiple GZIP csv files and am recreating this solution.


After following your instructions and creating the Macro -> workflow, I find that the output of my workflow has combined the file I originally input in the macro 17 times - the number of unique files I'm attempting to combine.


Any thoughts as to what I'm doing wrong? I've attached my workflows - I feel like I'm close!