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Combine Multiple ID fields after a Multiple Join

I have a Multiple join the result has replicated ID fields (fields that are used for the join) for each file. There are some nulls in each column due to missing values in that source (this is expected). I am currently using a IF THEN ELSEIF to combine into one column. I feel like there is a more efficient way to accomplish this, especially as the number of tables increases. Suggestions? Thanks for any advice.

In the Join tool, deselect one of the ID fields so it doesn't come through the "J" stream --- in this example, I deselect the right ID field.  Then in the Union tool, select to "Manually Configure Fields" from the drop-down at the top and use the arrows to put your ID's in the same column:



Hope it helps!






I have exactly the same question.  There are multiple inputs and using "Join Multiple" tool to combine all inputs by "Specific Field" (in this case, "ID").

Join Multiple.png

Similar to the @RyanLuedke's case, there are null columns.

Join Multiple Browse.png

Since different inputs have different number of columns, I'm not using the "Join by Record Position".

Multiple Join Configuration.png

If I use three Join tools and three Union tools, I can get the desired output (deselected the duplicated fields).


Join Brose.png

Although using several join and union tools give me the desired output, I would like to use a fewer tools and more dynamic tools if it's possible.


I attached the sample workflow for this question.