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Collaborative Development of Workflows on Gallery

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I'm trying to work out the best way of having collaborative development of workflows that are then published to a private Gallery.

I found this answer to a similar post.

“Typically what most will do is create a department Collection and then give access to everyone in the department to publish to that Collection. You can then restrict others from using that Collection from outside the department. You can also give certain permissions within that Collection as well if you don't want to give access to all workflows.


You must publish to your own private studio first before publishing to a Collection. This allows you to have version control as well as keep track of what workflows each user has published.”


So this is my understanding:

So the “department” workflow effectively becomes the source control repository from which the workflows get published to User/Production collections.

So Dev A has created a workflow and published to their private studio and then added it to the Department collection.

If Dev B has to apply a change to the workflow they will need to download the workflow from the department collection , make changes in designer , publish to their private studio, then share to department collection?

Then finally update the Workflow in the Department collection to release to User/production collections.


This sounds reasonable, but from what I can tell if you "update/replace" a workflow the latest version will automatically be available to the collections it is in. So in the scenario above. Dev B would publish to their private studio. Add the workflow to the Department collection. Update/replace the original workflow with the new version. At this point the new version is now "live"

So this would mean having at least 2 copies of the work flow in the Department collection, until the workflow is suitable for release to the production collections


Also if Dev A were to make a further change and update/replace the workflow in their private studio that would automatically be visible in all collections it is in.


Can anyone advise what process they use to allow multiple users maintaining the same workflow?



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Also keep in mind the planned changes to the server security model: here's the timeline