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Cells color



I want to color my cells
But i can't color cells by specifying rows and columns like the image below.

Cells color.PNG


I'm using the table tool Forula.



Do you have any solutions?


Best Regards,



You can do it by defining column rules in the right order, like this - workflow attached.


multi couloured table.png

Alteryx Certified Partner

Nice work @DavidP!


Here's the formatting rules according to the documentation:

Using rules effectively requires understanding which rules comes first, and which ones override other ones. When two rules intend to change different styles (one changing a font, and the other changing the font size, for example), it doesn't matter which one executes first. But when two rules both intend to change the same style, only one them will win. Rules are executed in the following order, with later rules overriding earlier rules.

  • Default Table Settings have the lowest priority.
  • Per-Column Configurations
  • Row rule with only basic (non-formula) styles
  • Column rule with only basic styles
  • Row rule with only basic styles with the override checkbox selected
  • Row rule with formula styles
  • Column rule with formula styles
  • Row rule with formula styles with the override checkbox selected

Here is another way to look at this.

  • Formula styles always take precedence over non-formula (basic) styles.
  • Column rules usually take precedence over row rules, unless the row rule explicitly has its "override column rules" checkbox checked.
  • Rules take precedence over the per-column and default table settings.
  • Multiple rules of a given type (row or column, basic or formula) execute in the order they are listed in the rule editor.


Thanks @CharlieS, I cheated a bit by defining the rules for Column A, then deselecting all the other fields in the select tool and ran the workflow.


I then defined column rules for "dynamic and unknown fields", selected all the columns again and ran the workflow again which copied the rules to all the fields except column A, so I could then just edit the rule for the colour of the 1st 3 rows for fields F-J.


@DavidP @CharlieS


Thank you so, so much!