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Calculate Difference Between Two DateTimes and Sum Up the Difference

8 - Asteroid

Hi all,


I have a table that has a few fields and three of them are - employee, task start date and task end date. I basically have to get how long it takes for an employee to finish a particular task, and then sum up the time spent to accomplish all their tasks for a particular period. Ideally, the format should be in HH:MM:SS. Do note that the hours may exceed 24 hours, so I may not be able to use the time format. Best and simplest way to do this, please.


Thank you.


18 - Pollux

One way of doing this the the DateTimeDiff function




8 - Asteroid

Thank you very much, @binuacs! I would have loved to have it in a format where all the employees' total could be summed up in Excel, but this will do. :) Again, thank you.