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Bug: Multiple Output Data to Excel, Overwrite Sheet mode Error 1175

Alteryx Partner

If you build a workflow with multiple Output Data widgets, each going to the same excel file with different tabs, Alteryx will throw a Win32 level file-lock error.  This error appears to occur when using Overwrite Sheet (Drop) mode.  


This was observed in Alteryx Designer x64 ver.


This error even occurs when using Block Until Done widgets, which appear to have an express purpose of not letting this happen, yet it does.  I have attached a short demo that reproduces the problem.


Error Screenshot.GIF

Alteryx Partner

Hi @bennes, I have tried it in Alteryx 11.3 and it seems to be working.







Hi @bennes


I've tested this in version and it runs without error for me. It errors if I have the Excel file open when I run the workflow since Excel locks the file. I also get the error if I try to run two instances of the workflow at the same time.

Alteryx Partner

Thanks, upgrading was my IT's support decision as well.  I was upgraded to version and I do not see the error anymore.  



This appears to be very intermittent issue as for one of our workflows it ran fine most of the times but got the same error once. We refreshed the folders and re-ran to have a clean run.


I was having this issue too.  Changing my OUTPUT OPTIONS from OVERWRITE SHEET to OVERWRITE FILE fixed the problem for me.