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Azure Blob Storage REST API - Alteryx silently added header Transfer-Encoding:chunked

8 - Asteroid

I was tasked with uploading a file to Azure Blob storage using SharedKey authentication. 


This involves making a REST API call using the Download tool.  I was having success with preliminary testing with Postman, but Alteryx would not upload files. 


I had to sniff the traffic and decode the HTTPS, but after that I could see that Alteryx was adding the header "Transfer-Encoding:chunked" silently in the background.  This made the Azure server reply that I was missing the x-ms-original-content-length mandatory header.


The solution to this was to include my own Transfer-Encoding header set to the empty string.  With that, the silent header was over-ridden, and the file uploaded successfully.


I thought I should share this because I am probably not the only person having difficulties, if Alteryx is adding headers in the background for PUT file uploads.

7 - Meteor

Can you please share the download tool configuration done for this...

also can you  please also illustrate on file downloading from Blob storage.